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Bible and tradition

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In my judgment, a literalist reading of the Bible is intellectually indefensible and is quite unnecessary for the defence of the basic Christian doctrines.

For instance, the genuine religious concern in the Adam and Eve story is that there is in human beings a basic sinful tendency which goes beyond personal sins we may commit.

We could recognize how well the ingenious biblical story conveyed the idea of sin and its origin.

The Gospel are in logical order, not necessarily in chronological order, each evangelists emerge as full author of the Gospel, shaping, developing, pruning the tradition, and as full theologian, orienting that tradition to a particular goal, and within that framework it could be called historical.

In fact in thirty to fifty years of oral proclamation the same saying has undergone variations.

In any case the Spirit who inspired the Scriptures will not allow the whole community of believers to be misled about faith and moral behaviour.

(Raymond Edward Brown)

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