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The digital transformation changes society, its economy and every other social dimension. Just think about how the use of cars some decades ago led to the growth of suburban shopping centres, emptying the shops in the city centres, and how the growing of internet and e-commerce is shifting the polarisation of the purchases from the shopping malls to the online ones.

The new technologies have had, still have and will continue to have a strong impact on how we observe the world and, to avoid possible drifts, it is necessary to be an active and positive part of this change. The digital transformation today concerns the socialisation through social networks, caring for oneself with the help of e-health, living the house with IoT technologies… For a technology enthusiast, who does business every day developing digital technologies, having a section of the blog called “Digital Transformation” is a must!

Digital Transformation

Convergence: wonderful word

Today I will talk about digital transformation. The word television means many things, because on the screen you can see family photos, newspaper pages, your

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Compass and elite

It is clear that an elite capable of directing human beings in curbing that climate change that will lead to unimaginable disasters within a few

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