Digital Transformation

Digital transformation changes society, its economy and every other social dimension. Just think of how the use of cars a few decades ago led to the growth of shopping centers in the suburbs by emptying the shops located in city centers and how the arrival of e-commerce is shifting the polarization of purchases from shopping centers to online ones. The digital transformation concerns the way of socializing through social networks, the way of learning with e-learning, the way of healing with the help of e-health, the way of living at home with the IoT… In short, for those like me who develop digital technologies every day, having a section of the blog called “Digital Transformation” was inevitable.

Giuseppe Ursino

Giuseppe Ursino

CEO at JO Group, cluster of companies founded in 1998 with core businesses in digital transformation and EU project consulting

Talks about #eufunds, #innovation, #smartcities, #businessconsulting and #digitaltransformation