Category: Economy

The economy dominates the lives of all of us and yet the common man does not have the toolbox to understand it. It is a paradox that brings lot of problems problems. That’s why I thought of creating a separate section on my blog that focuses on the Italian economy as it is today.

The articles included in this category talk about how to overcome certain prejudices about the business world, the perverse effects of the mafia on social and economic dynamics, the need to face the enormous ethical and functional problems of the Italian public administration, the economic crisis, the high unemployment, the low public investment, and denounce the limits of the workers unions and of the whole world around the Italian trade unionism.

Furthermore, as a Sicilian entrepreneur in love with his enchanting land, I explain how innumerable choices on the economic policies of the past governments have continued to widen the dualism between the South and the North, exacerbating the minds of the most cultured and capable southerners to perceive certain injustices of our society.


Compass and elite

It is clear that an elite capable of directing human beings in curbing that climate change that will lead to unimaginable disasters within a few

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