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In order to have more chances in an increasingly competitive world, the Italian companies must open up to digital transformation and internationalisation, giving more space to digital natives and to those who have an excellent knowledge of foreign languages. In addition, to create a performing business ecosystem, linearity and meritocracy should become a must.

Another crucial problem is the consequence of a rigid labour market with few opportunities: too many Italians end up doing a job they don’t like and for which they are not cut out, with an inevitable fallout in the poor quality of job performances.

This is the reason why, in the JO Group, I consider the selection of human resources and their mental involvement in the company dynamics an activity that cannot be delegated to my collaborators.

Doing business today in Italy is an act of courage. It means, therefore, that the Country should ask certain questions and accept an easier relationship with modernity, being more critical towards that timeless Italian statism that has created and continues to create social injustice and cronyism.


Against the wind

Since university time I have always worked to promote a large European motherland and the improvement of the fundamentals of my Island: infrastructures, education system,

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