My guiding star is meritocracy and I apply it in my life on all occasions that present themselves to me. I believe in merit as the ideal horizon of equality of starting points and in the magical power of a virtuous example. On this aspect, Italy has a backward mentality, conditioned by ideologies that have confused the equality of points of departure with the equality of points of arrival. It is like pretending that we are all the same, so as to equal the slacker to the workaholic, to convince oneself that a man of 100 kg can become a great jockey or a man six feet tall a basketball champion. No organisation can aim for excellence without living a meritocratic culture and that’s why I thought that “Meritocracy” deserves a section of my blog all to itself.

Giuseppe Ursino

Giuseppe Ursino

CEO at JO Group, cluster of companies founded in 1998 with core businesses in digital transformation and EU project consulting

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