Category: Meritocracy

My guiding light is meritocracy and I apply this principle every day in all the occasions that arise.

I believe in merit, in the meaning of meritocracy as the ideal horizon of the equality of the starting points and in the magic power of the virtuous example.

Unfortunately, on this aspect, Italy has a too backward mentality, getting stuck in ideologies of the past that have confused the equality of starting points with the equality of points of arrival. It is like pretending that we are all the same, by ideological choice, so as to match the idler to the workaholic and convince ourselves that a 100 kg man can become a great jockey, and a man of one meter and seventy tall is a basketball champion. For me it is evident that no organisation can aim for excellence without living a meritocratic culture, that’s why I thought this topic deserved a section of my blog called “Merit“.


Compass and elite

It is clear that an elite capable of directing human beings in curbing that climate change that will lead to unimaginable disasters within a few

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